Mr Ydir

Hello everyone,

My name is Mr Ydir.

Thank you to Dusty for giving me access to his site, which I stumbled across whilst trying to figure out how to make the world a better place.

I share Dusty’s passion for highlighting a job well done and I have decided to write a dailyblog highlighting fantastic people doing a fantastic job. I will be also tweeting about these people as well via my Twitter a account @MrYdir using the hashtag #YDIR.

Now this is where you’re doing it right .com needs your help. Dusty and myself can’t be everywhere at once,  so we can’t be meeting and witnessing great levels of service or even those minor good deeds, that are currently happening across the world right now.

We need you to tell us about the good deeds, standout service and the fantastic people that are doing a great job, for you or in your local community. There a number of ways to get in touch, so please don’t be shy and join the YDIR community. Plus don’t forget that you can use our hashtag #YDIR to tweet your mini stories of people doing it right.

Well I think that is long enough for a first post, I hope you will enjoying reading this site and being part of a community that does things right.

Mr Ydir