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It’s been far to long since my last post, my twitter account might give you some clues about the reason I’ve been away for so long, but this site is not about me, it is about the wonderful people out there who are doing it right.

Kristy Hooper is one of those people, and if the title and picture above didn’t give it away, Kristy has set up Project Brailler.

There is a very well put together site with lots of info on the project and lovely blog about the great things the project has already achieved as well as the future plans and a petition that you will want to sign.

Have a look at and give whatever support you can, as it is a really positive project and is making the world a better place.


the big lunch: second helpings

You might have noticed my blogging has been a bit lacking, not through lack of people doing it right (if anything there are too many people doing it right!) but due to family/work/scout commitments. You might not of noticed due to your lack of checking my blog, but I’ll forgive you if you forgive me.

Right excuses for lack of blog aside, I just wanted to draw your attention to some people who are doing it right and are looking to help and support more people to do it right, which I guess in turn will help and inspire more people to do it right, and so the world does become a bit nicer, which is definitely a good thing.

Last year I mentioned the big lunch (which you can see here) and what a good idea it is, this year they are looking to follow up the big lunch 2013 with big lunch extras. They are looking for individuals to create positive change within their communities. If making your bit of the world a nicer place is on your to do list (it is on mine) then you will want to go to and have a read about their plans and then why not take the plunge and register your interest. I’ll be doing that as soon as I click publish, and correct the typos that suddenly appear only after I click that button.

the big lunch, You’re Doing It Right (again!)

Mr Ydir

Tax Free YDIR awards for all

In an unexpected move the government have announced that everyone who is caught doing it right will be given a tax free bonus in their next pay packet, pension payment or welfare payment, so whatever your situation there is no reason not to be doing it right.

Whilst the full details are yet to emerge, it is believed that the scheme will be funded by a tax on people doing it wrong. Critics of the scheme have pointed out there are far more people doing it right, than people doing it wrong so the figures just don’t add up, however a government spokesman said ” What critics of this scheme fail to realise is that people who do it right often expected no award at all, so any government pay out would not necessarily be equivalent to the good work done, but more a token gesture of thanks”

We at You’re Doing It Right Towers have been fooled by schemes like this is the past, but it has never stopped us doing it right and saying You’re Doing It Right to others.

Mr Ydir


Who is doing it right this week?

Or who was doing it right the week of 25th February to 2nd March 2013, which means the title should have been who did it right last week, but the Permalink has already written it’s self so I’ll stick with it and try and think of a better title for the next blog.

Sadly I’ve not really been out much this week so I haven’t come across a wonderful waitress or cheerful checkout assistant but if you have, please make it known that they did a great job. You can let me know about it and I can give them a mention on this site and I’ll make sure the message gets back to them, or if you want to follow the example of Dusty (this site’s creator) call over their manager and tell them what a good job someone is doing, better still do both so their good service gets the full recognition it deserves.

Just because I haven’t been anywhere interesting doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to find people doing it right, as although it rarely makes the news there are people doing it right all over the place, you just need to start looking (this blog isn’t a bad place to start)

So the first YDIR award goes to a group of cyclists who are currently in training for a charity bike ride that covers 7 countries in 7 days. The event isn’t until the end of September so I expect the fundraising and publicity will step up closer to the event but in the meantime you follow them on Twitter @7insevenbigbike , wish them well and feel guilty about not cycling as much as you could.

I wasn’t sure about mentioning this next person, 1 because they are famous and I don’t want to look like a groupie (although clearly I am) and 2 because I did mention I would try and so something to help and then simply didn’t, but then I realised that my own worries and embarrassment shouldn’t get in the way of someone getting a YDIR that they clearly deserve, plus when I  was walking my dog, someone was actually shouting this person’s surname, which for me was a  pretty big sign that I should include them. (It turns out the person was calling in their cat that was at the end of their drive, I have no idea what the chances of me being there at that moment and the cat sharing the name of someone I was thinking about writing about are, but I’m thinking about buying a lottery ticket and using numbers that people shout out when I am near by)

Anyway I would just like to say to Mark Watson, You Did It Right in running a 25 hour show to raise money for comic relief. I enjoyed watching the stream as & when I could and I was surprised about how often I hit refresh in an attempt to see Rufus Hound do something that normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch, but I was caught up in the incredible event that Mark created.

If you want to donate to Mark’s event the sponsorship page is here, and if you want to find out more about comic relief and maybe do your own fundraising event, then you should definitely go to soon as this year it is due to take place Friday 15th March.

Well done to Mark and well done to everyone who made it happen, including those who were sponsored for a variety of 25 hour challenges, including knitting, poetry, maths, countdown, getting hit in the face with pies, you did it right!

I think what made the Mark Watson event great was the was how he brought people together to contribute to a good cause, which leads me on to the next YDIR award.

#We Will Gather is harnessing the power of social media to help people connect and make good things happen in their community. If you go to you can see if there is a good thing happening near you or you can create your own good thing an invite people to come along, a bit like those Facebook parties that turn up on the news every now and then, only people will be looking to make something better and not trash a teenagers’ parents house.

If you prefer to click logos rather than URLs within the text, this image is for you

I far as I can tell there are 3 people driving this project, so that is another 3 YDIR awards to add to the ever growing list.

Dan Thompson, Sophie Collard and Lloyd Davis, You’re Doing It Right!

There will be more YDIR awards next week, if you would like me to feature anyone my e-mail is or you can tweet me in their direction @Mr_Ydir

Mr Ydir

1st Weekly YDIR blog

And so the 101st post on is also the first weekly blog from Mr You’re Doing It Right (Mr Ydir for short), I’m not sure exactly how it will go but I would really like it if you could send me examples of people doing it right, so they can have their name in LCD lights, and maybe a YDIR card, but these are likely to be very limited in numbers, at least until YDIR towers is expanded.

#YDIR Handmade Cards

Very limited edition, if you’re doing it right you might get one in the post

Ok so on with the YDIR awards, first up is Jodi Ann Bickley who is busy making the world a bit nicer by sending out lovely letters, to anyone who feels they need it, her site is and her twitter account  is @jodiannbickley

Doing it right can take on many forms, since I jumped on the you’re doing it right site I have always been drawn to people who are doing good things for charity, but when Dusty set up the site he liked to give shout outs to those who gave him (or others) great customer service, and I’ve always loved it when someone or a company exceeds my expectations, but living in the UK, great customer service is something that both companies and customers struggle with, although when you actually start to look, you don’t have to look that hard to find people doing a great job.

And with that in mind I’d like to say thank you to the the two members of staff at Robert Dyas in Bristol, who couldn’t be more helpful and friendly when sorting out a product I needed to return, I often hear stories about obstructive and unhelpful staff in a variety of different places but I am very pleased to say that wasn’t what I experienced with Robert Dyas, so clearly they are doing it right.

The last doing it right I’d like to mention is someone I have mentioned before (here) but I feel are worth mentioning again as they are still doing a great job and are looking for people to be part of their 2013 building project. The Moldova project is small in size, but big on ambition, for more info you can visit and you can find more about their 2013 building project by clicking here

Right weekly blog number 1 over, I just need to go back check for typos (some will still get through) and test links (let me know if they don’t work for you)

If you want to let me know about someone that is doing it right my email is

Mr Ydir

Action for Happiness


If you are a regular reader, well done for sticking with it, posts have been a bit thin on the ground, tweets were few and far between, and my profile picture remained a bit rubbish (if you know anyone any good at art that would like to make Mr Ydir look a bit more presentable, or anyone that is a bit good looking and would like to be the fake face of Mr Ydir, please do get in touch, although more about the design rather than the modelling as that was a bit of a joke)

Right let’s stop getting distracted and get back on with the blog. As I’ve alluded to at the start, things around YDIR towers have been a bit quiet, but I have put in place a plan to change that to ensure regular updates and maybe a bit more structure. With my day job, 3 year old son, dog and husband duties, writing a daily blog I feel is a bit much pressure, so I have decided to go for weekly blog, in which I’ll say ‘thanks for doing a great job’ to a number of people that I have stumbled across and/or people have pointed me in the direction of (which you can do by tweeting me or e-mailing me).

Anyway admin/explanations over let’s get on with awarding a YDIR!*

The title for today’s blog isn’t a reference to my new plan, although I do hope I will have a positive impact on happiness of those people I feature, but is a reference to a movement that I have been watching and appreciating for a while, and was then mentioned to me by Mrs Ydir.

It’s hard not to like a movement that is committed to building a happier society, but they have a very nice website, they tweet some inspirational quotes  (usually in the form a nicely designed image) and they have a number of resources on their site to help you, to help them in their mission to make the world a better place.

Founding members of Action For Happiness:  Richard Layard, Geoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon, You’re Doing It Right!



*YDIR short  for You’re Doing It Right and in the context of this site an award for being feature on the site

As I was driving into work today, I was listening to The Ken Coleman Show podcast and I heard about this company,  The creator of this site noticed that a large number of gift cards have portions of an unused balance.  So he decided to start an organization that would collect all of these gift cards that have a balance that have ranged from $0.13 to $100.  The gift cards would then be distributed to those in need.

Fabulous idea!  I mean, honestly, how many of us have gift cards in our wallets or purses right now that have a small balance on it.  And how likely is it that we are going to use it? also has tools if you want to help out.  You can throw a house party where you get a bunch of friends together and everyone brings their unused gift cards.  It’s a great way to turn a special event, such as a Super Bowl party or the such, into a great way to give to those in need.

Head over to their site to check them out.  You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  So, without a doubt,, you’re doing it right!

An Introduction

This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced to Mr. YDIR.  Mr. YDIR contacted me a couple of months ago expressing his desire to make this world a better place.  And I think we can all agree that he is certainly on the right track.

And the good new is that YDIR is now international!  That’s right, Mr. YDIR currently resides in the United Kingdom.  (And yes, I am a stupid American.  But I did watch C.P. Grey’s video on The Difference Between U.K., Great Britian, and England.  Very informative, but I still don’t know the exact location of Mr. YDIR.)

I received a note from Annelies Puddy (Frog Jog, see previous post) today thanking Mr YDIR for the mention.  Well, Mrs. Puddy, once again, we salute you.  Keep up the great work.  We are all proud of what you are doing.  You will always have a permanent “YDIR” here at

And, Mr. YDIR, you’re good at giving them out, so I hope you can take one, too.  You sir, are doing it right!

Cool Joolz

Hello again,

Today’s YDIR shout out goes to:

I’ll be honest I really don’t like the name, but their service was fantastic.

I know nothing about rings having never owned or bought one for myself, but they explained and showed me all the different types of court(?) the styles, and finishes. They really helped me and the soon to be Mrs Ydir choose the ideal rings. They are custom made so we don’t have them yet, but so far so good.

If you are getting married I highly recommend you check out and I hope you will as happy as I was their service

Mr Ydir

Hello everyone,

My name is Mr Ydir.

Thank you to Dusty for giving me access to his site, which I stumbled across whilst trying to figure out how to make the world a better place.

I share Dusty’s passion for highlighting a job well done and I have decided to write a dailyblog highlighting fantastic people doing a fantastic job. I will be also tweeting about these people as well via my Twitter a account @MrYdir using the hashtag #YDIR.

Now this is where you’re doing it right .com needs your help. Dusty and myself can’t be everywhere at once,  so we can’t be meeting and witnessing great levels of service or even those minor good deeds, that are currently happening across the world right now.

We need you to tell us about the good deeds, standout service and the fantastic people that are doing a great job, for you or in your local community. There a number of ways to get in touch, so please don’t be shy and join the YDIR community. Plus don’t forget that you can use our hashtag #YDIR to tweet your mini stories of people doing it right.

Well I think that is long enough for a first post, I hope you will enjoying reading this site and being part of a community that does things right.

Mr Ydir