Sweet Sleep

If you are reading this, more than likely, you will lie you heads down on a pillow tonight in a comfortable bed.  There are certain things we all take for granted and a good night’s sleep is usually one of them.

But the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of children that go to sleep every night without a bed, not to mention a pillow to lay their heads on.  One organization that is working to make sure all children have a proper bed to sleep on is Sweet Sleep.

According to their website:

Sweet Sleep is a faith-based nonprofit organization which provides beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, demonstrating God’s love for them and improving their quality of life.

Sweet Sleep’s vision is for every orphaned child in the world to lie down in their own bed reminding them they are loved, protected and cared for with hope for the future through Jesus Christ.

This is definitely an organization to get behind.  Thanks to Ken Coleman for pointing out such a fantastic organization!

Thank you Sweet Sleep for all that you do.  You are definitely doing it right!

IHOP Done Right

Good Day Everyone!  Your good ol’ faithful admin here to give Mr. Ydir the day off.  I know, I know… you’d all rather be reading this post imagining a wonderfully delightful British accent.  Only to be disappointed with the drawl of an American of the Southern variety.  (Continue to pretend that this is being spoken in your head by a wonderful British gentleman.  Speaking with a British dialect adds 30 points to your I.Q.  That’s a fact.  Google it.  😉  )  Anyway… on to the task at hand….

February 28th, 2012 was evidently National Pancake Day here in the United States.  (Leave it to us “Uh-mericans” to devote a “holiday” to a breakfast dish.)  Ahhh….pancakes.  The very mention of the dish makes my mouth water.  Call them what you will; pancakes…. flapjacks….or hot cakes, these wonderful treats are good for any time of the day.  Here in the States, we occasionally enjoy “breakfast for dinner,” which is what happened Tuesday night.  We have a delightful restaurant chain here is the US called IHOP (formerly the International House of Pancakes…you can see why they shortened it).  Well, they decided to take advantage of National Pancake Day (seems they probably have a monopoly on this  particular holiday) and raise a bit of money for the Children’s Miracle Network.  The way they went about doing this was to give one Short Stack of Pancakes (3 pancakes) to each person dining for FREE.  All they ask in return was that you leave a donation for the CMN.  WOW!  When we arrived at the restaurant, it looked as if the whole town had come out for “breakfast for dinner” or “brinner” as we’ll call it.  It was unbelievably crowded!  And did I  mention that we live in a college town?  That being said, if there is ever “free” food anywhere in a 10 mile radius, you can bet the college campus and cafeteria will be empty.  Can you imagine how much money they are raising for Children’s Hospitals?  Mind blowing!

And as busy as they were, they provided fantastic service!  Our server, Rebecca, was one of the best I have ever experienced.  I may have said it before on this blog, but I used to wait tables.  So, I know how hard of a job it is.  Not to mention how hard it is when the whole town (practically) is dining in one place.  But that did not get Rebecca down.  Every time we saw her, she had a huge smile on her face.  She actually made me feel like I was a guest in her home and she was playing the role of the perfect hostess.  Refilling drinks, providing silverware, taking orders and everything else.  Also there were  4 children under the age of 6 at our table and that didn’t phase Rebecca.  I have very rarely experienced such a wonderful server.

At the end of my meal, I asked if Rebecca would bring the manager to our table.  Side note:  I love doing this.  I never tell the server why I want to talk to the manager, just that I want to talk to the manager.  It’s fun because the server/employee immediately starts thinking, “Oh my goodness, what did I do?”  You see, very, VERY rarely does someone ask to speak to the manager about a good experience.  (BTW – one of the goals of this blog is to change that.)  Is it considered a bit of trickery?  Maybe.  But the greater the swing from terror to pure joy is a wonderful trip to take at times.  So, back to our interaction.  Rebecca, still with the smile on her face, returns with the manager.  I proceed to gush to the manager about how wonderful of a job that Rebecca has done.  Stating that it can’t be easy to provide such outstanding service in the middle of what was probably the busiest day of the year.  During these interactions, I try very hard to make sure that the server can hear the praise.  And you can immediately see the tension of the “Oh my goodness” moment float away.  The manager (as is with every case) was blown away to hear such positive comments.  You could tell that she, too, was bracing for a negative comment.

Let me say again; this is one of my absolute favorite things to do.  Most of the people I’ve ever met in the food service industry seldom receive good feedback.  It is such a wonderful gift to be able to brag on them at times.  Don’t believe me?  Try it yourself.

So, IHOP, if you are reading this, you AND Rebecca in your Searcy, AR store are Doing It Right!

P.S. I am nicknaming this post my “parenthetical post.”  Went a little crazy with them…. 🙂


As I was driving into work today, I was listening to The Ken Coleman Show podcast and I heard about this company, giftcardgiver.com.  The creator of this site noticed that a large number of gift cards have portions of an unused balance.  So he decided to start an organization that would collect all of these gift cards that have a balance that have ranged from $0.13 to $100.  The gift cards would then be distributed to those in need.

Fabulous idea!  I mean, honestly, how many of us have gift cards in our wallets or purses right now that have a small balance on it.  And how likely is it that we are going to use it?  Giftcardgiver.com also has tools if you want to help out.  You can throw a house party where you get a bunch of friends together and everyone brings their unused gift cards.  It’s a great way to turn a special event, such as a Super Bowl party or the such, into a great way to give to those in need.

Head over to their site to check them out.  You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter.  So, without a doubt, GiftCardGiver.com, you’re doing it right!

An Introduction

This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced to Mr. YDIR.  Mr. YDIR contacted me a couple of months ago expressing his desire to make this world a better place.  And I think we can all agree that he is certainly on the right track.

And the good new is that YDIR is now international!  That’s right, Mr. YDIR currently resides in the United Kingdom.  (And yes, I am a stupid American.  But I did watch C.P. Grey’s video on The Difference Between U.K., Great Britian, and England.  Very informative, but I still don’t know the exact location of Mr. YDIR.)

I received a note from Annelies Puddy (Frog Jog, see previous post) today thanking Mr YDIR for the mention.  Well, Mrs. Puddy, once again, we salute you.  Keep up the great work.  We are all proud of what you are doing.  You will always have a permanent “YDIR” here at youredoingitright.com.

And, Mr. YDIR, you’re good at giving them out, so I hope you can take one, too.  You sir, are doing it right!


SO SORRY!  I totally have not updated this site in a looooonnnnnnggggg time!  Hopefully, we can get cranking on the YDIR again.  Just let us know in the comments or on FB who’s doing it right.  I’ll try to post more often.

Chris W. at O’Reilly Auto Parts in Searcy, AR did a great job helping out with my car today.  Kudos to him!  Everyone (in the Searcy area) stop by and let him know he’s doing a great job.

Until next time, #YDIR.

YDIR Submission

Hey everyone!  Yeah, I can’t believe it either.  Two posts in the same week.  This is another quick post about a person that is Doing It Right.  In case you are unaware, you can submit YDIRs right here on the site.  Click on the “Contact Us” or the “I Did It Right” link in the side navigation panel.  Both links will present you with a form that allows you to send in submissions.  Today we get one about Suzanne Salmon, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott in Tampa.  The guest writes:

Suzanne Salmon, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott – Tampa North is awesome! My family and I were greeted with a personal email from her arriving and departing! She gave my family extra points because the pool hours were posted in our room incorrectly. She served the customer and did a great job doing it!   Way to go Suzanne Salmon!  I posted this for Suzanne because I wanted others to know she did it right!

Thank you,
Sandra Sadler

See. Doesn’t take anything at all to recognize someone. Now get out there and do it!

Oh, and on a related YDIR note, the servers at the Chili’s in Searcy, AR are the best in town. I can say that with 100% certainty since I feel like I have frequented every restaurant in town. I even told the manager last night that they were doing and excellent job. She said, “We like hearing those kind of comments.” To which I replied, “Good, because I like giving compliments.” Once again, not that hard to tell someone they are doing a great job.

Also we still have some YDIR cards if you want some!

Great Service

Quick YDIR!

Celebrated 12 years with my wife yesterday with dinner at Cantina Loredo in Little Rock, AR.  Our server, Cody was excellent.  Left a YDIR card and spoke to the manager about how great of a job Cody was doing.  The manager suggested contacting corporate through their website.  I sent them a note via the customer contact form, praising the actions of our server.  They responded by thanking me and said that I could take that email to the LR Cantina Loredo for a free Top Shelf Guacamole.  I told them thanks, but felt weird for being rewarded for complimenting their server.  They are really Doing It Right!  #YDIR

Cantina Lorado in Little Rock, AR is doing it right. Shout out to Cody, a great server and the staff at that restaurant. It made a great 12 year anniversary dinner with my wife even better. #YDIR

Done Right

Over on the Facebook page today, Nicole S. tells of her experience being on the receiving end of a YDIR.

Just thought I would be a testament to what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a “You’re Doing It Right” conversation. I work at an apartment complex in Oklahoma City that got severely damaged from a hail storm yesterday. Over 200 windows were busted out making our property look like a war zone. After arriving at work this morning, I began to check the dozens of messages from angry residents wondering when we were going to fix their windows and everything else. Amidst all the chaos of the ringing phones and angry messages, one woman left a message just to say thank you. She said she understood how difficult it must be for us right now and she appreciates all our hard work. It was so nice, made me wanna cry! Took my monday morning blues right away!

I know I haven’t posted at the blog in a while, but this made me stop and take notice. This is an example of a YDIR coming back to a person. There are so many times when we feel like we are the only ones handing out the YDIRs and nothing is coming in for us. Then times like this happen and make it all worth while.

So, everyone, go out there and show others how much you appreciate them. Even my wife has embraced the YDIR mentality and that was something that I thought was wild. Not because she is mean or anything (love ya, hon), but because it was a different way of thinking for her. She has now gone out of her way to let someone know they are doing a great job. Even taking time to tell managers about standout individuals. She is amazing and is due her own YDIR. So, Amy, here it is. You’re Doing It Right!

Also, if you want some of the awesome YDIR cards, we still have some available, free of charge. No hidden shipping costs or anything. Just let me know you want some and we’ll send them to you.  The picture at the top of the post is the front of the card.  The picture to the left is the back of the card.  Get’em now while supplies last.  And then see how fast you can give them away!

Good Afternoon!

Hey everyone! Not a lot to report today. Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It’s been pretty crazy here at work. There are a lot of people doing it right out there. If you haven’t yet, go check out the Facebook page. Please continue to check back frequently. Also, you may notice on the Facebook page that I had some cards printed up for YDIR. The idea is for you to hand them out to people that are doing it right. If you want some, just contact me and let me know. Thanks and have a great weekend!