This site is dedicated to anyone out there that is “Doin’ It Right.”  All too often we go through our day, interacting with a ton of people and never really taking the time to stop and say, “Good job.”

Always take the opportunity to give a compliment.  Take time out of your day to call a customer service line and say, “Hey, your people at this store are Doin’ It Right.”  This is something I like doing in restaurants.  I have been a waiter.  I know how much it can drain you.  So, when I see a server doing a good job, not only do I reward them monetarily (big tip!), I also ask for a comment card so I can let their managers know what a good job they are doing.  It’s sad, but every time I’ve ever requested a comment card, the server gets this look of horror on their face.  And you know they are thinking, “Crap.  What did I do this time?”  Why has it gotten to that point?  Why is it the norm that when we ask to speak to a manager, it’s always about a bad experience?  Granted, I know there are times when bad service does arise and it needs to be brought to the attention of management, but let’s create a new norm.

The next time someone performs some sort of task or service for you, stop and thank them.  I’m not talking about a dismissive, “Thanks.” as you walk out the door.  I’m talking about actually stopping what you are doing, looking them in the eye, and tell them how some menial task they just did benefited you.  Find something in what they just did to compliment.  Even if it is as simple as, “Wow.  You really know what you’re doing.  I have no idea how you do it, but you make it look so easy.”

See.  Isn’t that easy.  Five seconds, tops.  Five seconds out of your day that can make the day of someone else.  Compliments can change lives.  Sure, we’re not curing cancer here, but we are making the day a bit more enjoyable.

So, here’s what we’re doing.  Go to the Facebook page and submit a compliment.  Any compliment to anyone.  Go to Twitter and tweet a compliment to anyone and use the hashtag #YDIR.  We’ll take some of the best compliments and post them on the site (as a compliment to the original poster for being so awesome).  Granted, the people that you are directing these to may never see the compliments they so richly deserve.  But, consider this your training grounds.  Consider it an exercise program where you can workout and tone up those “complimenting” muscles.  For you, giving a compliment may feel foreign.  So, that’s why you can practice here.

Now, get out there and make someone’s day!

Thanks to the Air1 morning show for the inspiration for this site.