the big lunch: second helpings

You might have noticed my blogging has been a bit lacking, not through lack of people doing it right (if anything there are too many people doing it right!) but due to family/work/scout commitments. You might not of noticed due to your lack of checking my blog, but I’ll forgive you if you forgive me.

Right excuses for lack of blog aside, I just wanted to draw your attention to some people who are doing it right and are looking to help and support more people to do it right, which I guess in turn will help and inspire more people to do it right, and so the world does become a bit nicer, which is definitely a good thing.

Last year I mentioned the big lunch (which you can see here) and what a good idea it is, this year they are looking to follow up the big lunch 2013 with big lunch extras. They are looking for individuals to create positive change within their communities. If making your bit of the world a nicer place is on your to do list (it is on mine) then you will want to go to and have a read about their plans and then why not take the plunge and register your interest. I’ll be doing that as soon as I click publish, and correct the typos that suddenly appear only after I click that button.

the big lunch, You’re Doing It Right (again!)

Mr Ydir