Tax Free YDIR awards for all

In an unexpected move the government have announced that everyone who is caught doing it right will be given a tax free bonus in their next pay packet, pension payment or welfare payment, so whatever your situation there is no reason not to be doing it right.

Whilst the full details are yet to emerge, it is believed that the scheme will be funded by a tax on people doing it wrong. Critics of the scheme have pointed out there are far more people doing it right, than people doing it wrong so the figures just don’t add up, however a government spokesman said ” What critics of this scheme fail to realise is that people who do it right often expected no award at all, so any government pay out would not necessarily be equivalent to the good work done, but more a token gesture of thanks”

We at You’re Doing It Right Towers have been fooled by schemes like this is the past, but it has never stopped us doing it right and saying You’re Doing It Right to others.

Mr Ydir