Who is doing it right this week?

Or who was doing it right the week of 25th February to 2nd March 2013, which means the title should have been who did it right last week, but the Permalink has already written it’s self so I’ll stick with it and try and think of a better title for the next blog.

Sadly I’ve not really been out much this week so I haven’t come across a wonderful waitress or cheerful checkout assistant but if you have, please make it known that they did a great job. You can let me know about it and I can give them a mention on this site and I’ll make sure the message gets back to them, or if you want to follow the example of Dusty (this site’s creator) call over their manager and tell them what a good job someone is doing, better still do both so their good service gets the full recognition it deserves.

Just because I haven’t been anywhere interesting doesn’t mean I wasn’t able to find people doing it right, as although it rarely makes the news there are people doing it right all over the place, you just need to start looking (this blog isn’t a bad place to start)

So the first YDIR award goes to a group of cyclists who are currently in training for a charity bike ride that covers 7 countries in 7 days. The event isn’t until the end of September so I expect the fundraising and publicity will step up closer to the event but in the meantime you follow them on Twitter @7insevenbigbike , wish them well and feel guilty about not cycling as much as you could.

I wasn’t sure about mentioning this next person, 1 because they are famous and I don’t want to look like a groupie (although clearly I am) and 2 because I did mention I would try and so something to help and then simply didn’t, but then I realised that my own worries and embarrassment shouldn’t get in the way of someone getting a YDIR that they clearly deserve, plus when I  was walking my dog, someone was actually shouting this person’s surname, which for me was a  pretty big sign that I should include them. (It turns out the person was calling in their cat that was at the end of their drive, I have no idea what the chances of me being there at that moment and the cat sharing the name of someone I was thinking about writing about are, but I’m thinking about buying a lottery ticket and using numbers that people shout out when I am near by)

Anyway I would just like to say to Mark Watson, You Did It Right in running a 25 hour show to raise money for comic relief. I enjoyed watching the stream as & when I could and I was surprised about how often I hit refresh in an attempt to see Rufus Hound do something that normally I wouldn’t go out of my way to watch, but I was caught up in the incredible event that Mark created.

If you want to donate to Mark’s event the sponsorship page is here, and if you want to find out more about comic relief and maybe do your own fundraising event, then you should definitely go to rednoseday.com soon as this year it is due to take place Friday 15th March.

Well done to Mark and well done to everyone who made it happen, including those who were sponsored for a variety of 25 hour challenges, including knitting, poetry, maths, countdown, getting hit in the face with pies, you did it right!

I think what made the Mark Watson event great was the was how he brought people together to contribute to a good cause, which leads me on to the next YDIR award.

#We Will Gather is harnessing the power of social media to help people connect and make good things happen in their community. If you go to wewillgather.co.uk you can see if there is a good thing happening near you or you can create your own good thing an invite people to come along, a bit like those Facebook parties that turn up on the news every now and then, only people will be looking to make something better and not trash a teenagers’ parents house.

If you prefer to click logos rather than URLs within the text, this image is for you

I far as I can tell there are 3 people driving this project, so that is another 3 YDIR awards to add to the ever growing list.

Dan Thompson, Sophie Collard and Lloyd Davis, You’re Doing It Right!

There will be more YDIR awards next week, if you would like me to feature anyone my e-mail is mrydir@gmail.com or you can tweet me in their direction @Mr_Ydir

Mr Ydir