1st Weekly YDIR blog

And so the 101st post on youredoingitright.com is also the first weekly blog from Mr You’re Doing It Right (Mr Ydir for short), I’m not sure exactly how it will go but I would really like it if you could send me examples of people doing it right, so they can have their name in LCD lights, and maybe a YDIR card, but these are likely to be very limited in numbers, at least until YDIR towers is expanded.

#YDIR Handmade Cards

Very limited edition, if you’re doing it right you might get one in the post

Ok so on with the YDIR awards, first up is Jodi Ann Bickley who is busy making the world a bit nicer by sending out lovely letters, to anyone who feels they need it, her site is onemillionlovelyletters.com and her twitter account  is @jodiannbickley

Doing it right can take on many forms, since I jumped on the you’re doing it right site I have always been drawn to people who are doing good things for charity, but when Dusty set up the site he liked to give shout outs to those who gave him (or others) great customer service, and I’ve always loved it when someone or a company exceeds my expectations, but living in the UK, great customer service is something that both companies and customers struggle with, although when you actually start to look, you don’t have to look that hard to find people doing a great job.

And with that in mind I’d like to say thank you to the the two members of staff at Robert Dyas in Bristol, who couldn’t be more helpful and friendly when sorting out a product I needed to return, I often hear stories about obstructive and unhelpful staff in a variety of different places but I am very pleased to say that wasn’t what I experienced with Robert Dyas, so clearly they are doing it right.

The last doing it right I’d like to mention is someone I have mentioned before (here) but I feel are worth mentioning again as they are still doing a great job and are looking for people to be part of their 2013 building project. The Moldova project is small in size, but big on ambition, for more info you can visit  www.themoldovaproject.com and you can find more about their 2013 building project by clicking here

Right weekly blog number 1 over, I just need to go back check for typos (some will still get through) and test links (let me know if they don’t work for you)

If you want to let me know about someone that is doing it right my email is mrydir@gmail.com

Mr Ydir