Action for Happiness


If you are a regular reader, well done for sticking with it, posts have been a bit thin on the ground, tweets were few and far between, and my profile picture remained a bit rubbish (if you know anyone any good at art that would like to make Mr Ydir look a bit more presentable, or anyone that is a bit good looking and would like to be the fake face of Mr Ydir, please do get in touch, although more about the design rather than the modelling as that was a bit of a joke)

Right let’s stop getting distracted and get back on with the blog. As I’ve alluded to at the start, things around YDIR towers have been a bit quiet, but I have put in place a plan to change that to ensure regular updates and maybe a bit more structure. With my day job, 3 year old son, dog and husband duties, writing a daily blog I feel is a bit much pressure, so I have decided to go for weekly blog, in which I’ll say ‘thanks for doing a great job’ to a number of people that I have stumbled across and/or people have pointed me in the direction of (which you can do by tweeting me or e-mailing me).

Anyway admin/explanations over let’s get on with awarding a YDIR!*

The title for today’s blog isn’t a reference to my new plan, although I do hope I will have a positive impact on happiness of those people I feature, but is a reference to a movement that I have been watching and appreciating for a while, and was then mentioned to me by Mrs Ydir.

It’s hard not to like a movement that is committed to building a happier society, but they have a very nice website, they tweet some inspirational quotes  (usually in the form a nicely designed image) and they have a number of resources on their site to help you, to help them in their mission to make the world a better place.

Founding members of Action For Happiness:  Richard Layard, Geoff Mulgan and Anthony Seldon, You’re Doing It Right!



*YDIR short  for You’re Doing It Right and in the context of this site an award for being feature on the site