Joe’s Diner 292 U.S. 24 Wabash, IN 46992

In my internet travels I stumbled across a great story of a waitress doing it right. Fellow blogger Ashley Leavelle (this a a link to her blog) witnessed someone not just doing their job but doing a great job of doing their job. I’ll put her experience in quotes as I love that function, plus I can just copy & paste as typing on a tablet is rsi inducing.

I don’t know if I can paint the picture well enough to make you understand how beautiful this was, but I’ll try. There was a table a few feet away with a dad and his two kids. The daughter was likely around 10 and the son perhaps 4. Before their food came, the dad went down to the bathroom and left the kids at the table (keep in mind it’s a tiny town so this is ok). While he was away, the waitress brought the food to the table. As she sat it down, she asked the little boy if he wanted her to cut up his pancakes for him so he could start eating. You should’ve seen how happy that little boy was. She got everything cut up and asked if he wanted syrup on them too. He did. She poured the syrup all over them until he finally told her it was enough. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there was something so touching about watching this simple act of kindness. It warmed my heart.

So well done waitress at Joe’s Dinner, You’re Doing It Right!

  • Wabashite

    This is a beautiful story, but not a surprising one.  I live in Wabash and that’s just how it is here.

    • It is like that in lots of places, for some reason we are very good at going online and telling people about bad service and we forget that their are loads of people doing a great job