bInspired by vInspired

After the great title the pressure is on to write a blog that at least matches it, but at usual the quality of the writing will always be vastly overshadowed by the brilliant job or thing being done by someone else.

Today’s YDIR goes to vInspired which is a charity that is focused on helping young people do good things and as this site is all about people who do good things, it makes sense for me to say thank you to the people behind vInspired for inspiring and helping people do it right. has loads of great projects and opportunities for young people to get invloved in the very worthwhile world of volunteering, although I am a bit concerned by the suggestion that young people are aged 16-25 as I am over 25 but still consider myself young!

A great example of one of their projects is Retail Ready People. I hope it will get another roll out soon as I especially loved it for using empty retail shops, as I think something should be done to turn empty shops into something positive for the local community, which would bring more people into the high street and invloved in their bit of the world.

vInspired, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir