A bit late to the Movember Party

And a bit late/rubbish with keeping this blog up to date, but still let’s not dwell on the past just look forward to future updates of people doing it right.

As you might have guessed from the title, today’s YDIR award is related to the increasingly popular annual charity event, in which men raise money and awareness of men’s health issues by growing a supporters badge across their top lip.

If you’ve not heard of the event go to movember.com where you can read about the charity’s aims and perhaps satisfy yourself that you weren’t going mad and there were a lot more mustached men that all at once just disappeared.

I would like to award the YDIR to whoever came up with the idea in the first place, but the history of movember is a bit cloudy, as wikipedia will show you,  but that doesn’t matter because I can award it to all those who took part (over 300,00 in the UK alone!) and all those who helped behind the scenes.

As it is my blog I would like to draw your attention to one team of mo bros (as they were a inspiration for this post) who between them raised over £1,500. You can visit their mo space here and admire the range of mustaches that were grown.

Mo bros and Mo Sistas, You’re Doing It Right!