Post Pals

Post Pals is just fantastic, I stumbled across it via a Tweet from former YDIR winner Alice Pyne and I just had to make sure I updated the blog as soon as possible, so dog walked, dinner eaten, Master Ydir in bed here it is. 

If my word press app has worked you should see a nice banner below which should take you to their site which will tell you all about what they do and how you can get involved, but basically they run a charity that sends and encourages others to send letters and gifts to sick children and their siblings, because of the simple fact that getting a unexpected bit of post does cheer up a sick child and makes the world a nicer place.

Post Pals - Putting a Smile on Childrens Faces

It was the idea of Vikki George who suffers with ME and noticed the one thing that cheered her up whilst she was bed bound was receiving things through the post, so now Post Pals exists to help spread that good feeling around.

Vikki George, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

Joe’s Diner 292 U.S. 24 Wabash, IN 46992

In my internet travels I stumbled across a great story of a waitress doing it right. Fellow blogger Ashley Leavelle (this a a link to her blog) witnessed someone not just doing their job but doing a great job of doing their job. I’ll put her experience in quotes as I love that function, plus I can just copy & paste as typing on a tablet is rsi inducing.

I don’t know if I can paint the picture well enough to make you understand how beautiful this was, but I’ll try. There was a table a few feet away with a dad and his two kids. The daughter was likely around 10 and the son perhaps 4. Before their food came, the dad went down to the bathroom and left the kids at the table (keep in mind it’s a tiny town so this is ok). While he was away, the waitress brought the food to the table. As she sat it down, she asked the little boy if he wanted her to cut up his pancakes for him so he could start eating. You should’ve seen how happy that little boy was. She got everything cut up and asked if he wanted syrup on them too. He did. She poured the syrup all over them until he finally told her it was enough. I don’t know if it’s just me, but there was something so touching about watching this simple act of kindness. It warmed my heart.

So well done waitress at Joe’s Dinner, You’re Doing It Right!

bInspired by vInspired

After the great title the pressure is on to write a blog that at least matches it, but at usual the quality of the writing will always be vastly overshadowed by the brilliant job or thing being done by someone else.

Today’s YDIR goes to vInspired which is a charity that is focused on helping young people do good things and as this site is all about people who do good things, it makes sense for me to say thank you to the people behind vInspired for inspiring and helping people do it right. has loads of great projects and opportunities for young people to get invloved in the very worthwhile world of volunteering, although I am a bit concerned by the suggestion that young people are aged 16-25 as I am over 25 but still consider myself young!

A great example of one of their projects is Retail Ready People. I hope it will get another roll out soon as I especially loved it for using empty retail shops, as I think something should be done to turn empty shops into something positive for the local community, which would bring more people into the high street and invloved in their bit of the world.

vInspired, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

A bit late to the Movember Party

And a bit late/rubbish with keeping this blog up to date, but still let’s not dwell on the past just look forward to future updates of people doing it right.

As you might have guessed from the title, today’s YDIR award is related to the increasingly popular annual charity event, in which men raise money and awareness of men’s health issues by growing a supporters badge across their top lip.

If you’ve not heard of the event go to where you can read about the charity’s aims and perhaps satisfy yourself that you weren’t going mad and there were a lot more mustached men that all at once just disappeared.

I would like to award the YDIR to whoever came up with the idea in the first place, but the history of movember is a bit cloudy, as wikipedia will show you,  but that doesn’t matter because I can award it to all those who took part (over 300,00 in the UK alone!) and all those who helped behind the scenes.

As it is my blog I would like to draw your attention to one team of mo bros (as they were a inspiration for this post) who between them raised over £1,500. You can visit their mo space here and admire the range of mustaches that were grown.

Mo bros and Mo Sistas, You’re Doing It Right!