Sometimes the worst things, bring out the best in people

The internet has taught us many things, sadly one of which is don’t believe things that are written on the internet. There are many stories / urban legends that grow up around big news events, they are often light on hard facts and full of glurge 

I normally steer clear of these kind of stories as although I could probably blog a new one every hour, I believe quality is more important that quantity.

I am making an exception for the story below, as I believe the person who reported it is genuine.

On Friday 19/10/12 a series of hit-and-runs took place in Cardiff in which 13 people were injured and one person killed, there was a great deal of media coverage, however the news of human kindness was not reported. In his own words Ray Monsell gives details of what he saw:

Amidst all the carnage and the chaos that ripped through Cardiff Last Friday….one little story that restores your faith in human kindness. In the early evening, a group of students arrived at the Accident and Emergency department at the Heath Hospital…..they were weighed down with bags of food and drink. Having seen the events unfold on telly…….they had gone to the shops , and with their own money had bought enough food to feed a small army. They had figured that the people involved would be too busy to stop… they had brought something for them to eat. It was for the doctors, nurses, paramedics, family relatives, police, fire and rescue…….it was for everyone. A small act of spontaneous kindness by a group of students who “Just wanted to do something to help” . Having delivered the food , they hung around “In case you needed blood donations”. It was a bad day in Cardiff last Friday…….but little things like this are so very important……They provide hope in the middle of all the despair……There are a great many good people out there……but it seems we only get to hear about the bad……..which is why this simple story needs to be shared.

So there you have it, people Doing It Right, people doing their best to readdress the balance between good and bad.

Thank you Ray for sharing this, and thank you to those mentioned in the story above, You’re Doing It Right.

Mr Ydir