Still doing it right aged 92

That is not a typo, today’s YDIR award winner is 92 (ninety two)! Ruth Perkins helps run a number of activities for Self Help Enterprise, including a bingo and a lunch club for lonely pensioners (who are younger than her!) . She has had not one, not two but three hip operations but that just means she has to sit down a bit more often when she is out collecting money for various different charities. Ruth was helping out at self help enterprise 10 years before I was born, and whilst it would be a bit of a stretch to say doing it right helps you live longer, I think it is fair to say doing it right helps you live better. Don’t believe me, go and check out this BBC interview I hope if I live till 92 that I am still as happy and active as she is. Ruth Perkins, You’re Doing It Right Mr Ydir