Growing Skills

Hello, Please accept my apologies for the lack of blog recently, which is entirely down to me getting distracted by lots of things, such as the day job, potty training (not for me, but for Master Ydir I got the hang of that quite some time ago) and a wedding amongst other things. The lack of blog is definitely nothing to do with the lack of people doing it right, there are so many at the moment I am struggling to keep up, but as always we welcome nominations so if you would like to see someone given a YDIR (You’re Doing It Right award) please email and I will let the world know about their good work.

Right let’s get back on track with telling fantastic people that they are doing a great job.

Today’s YDIR award goes to Becky Kelly who has set up a community garden in Rusholme. You can read all about her good work on

As the title sort of hints at, the project is about more than just growing fruit & veg. The idea behind the project is to help people develop skills that they can add to their CV. Becky works at the local Jobcentre which means the project is being used to help bring the Jobcentre into the local community, which again is a really great idea.

So for having 3 great ideas rolled into one project, it gives me great pleasure to type Becky Kelly, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

P.S I’ve not as yet managed to track down a twitter profile for Becky, so if you know her please point her in the direction of this site, or if you live in Rusholme (or are willing to travel there) maybe give her a wave as you walk past the local Jobcentre.

  • Becky Kelly

    Hello! I’m Becky! Thanks for this and your comment on my blog. If you are local you should come down to the garden one evening 🙂