Save Le Pub

You really should do whatever you can to help save Le Pub, you have probably never been there and this might be the first you have heard of it but if you read on I will give you 3 good reasons to support this cause.

Le Pub supports live music, it is a great little venue to discover new bands and spend time with other people who love music as much as you do. I love listening to my favourite records whenever and wherever I am, but live music is better, it’s more sociable, it’s unpredictable, it’s louder!*

I have seen some fantastic bands play there and three of my favourite gigs of all time were at Le Pub ( Ghost Mice, Horse The Band and That F**king Tank / Graba Graba Tape). I had never heard of any of them before the gigs but they all managed to put on the kind of performance that years later I still think wow that was something special.

Le Pub finds these great bands and offers them up for a bargain price, where as other venues are charging all sorts of silly prices plus booking fees (argh I hate booking fees!) Le Pub’s prices are a good deal, you might not of heard of the band but there is a pretty good chance that the pleasure you will gain is greater than the entry fee.

I think I have made my point about it supporting live music, so on to the next reason to love Le Pub (even if you have neve been) is that it is friendly. When there is not a gig on you can sit and relax with friends and strangers in the downstairs bar, whilst the stereo plays the record collection you wish you had. There is no dress code, there is no disco just a selection of good booze and maybe the odd quiz thrown in for good measure. It is the kind of atmosphere that you just don’t get from any of the chain pubs, I have always felt like Le Pub would rather make you welcome than make a profit from you.

My last point is mostly aimed at people who have never heard of Le Pub, through this blog I am trying (hopefully with some success) to make people understand what an important place Le Pub is, not just to me but to the hundreds of bands that have played there and the thousands of people who have watched those bands. The world needs places like this to continue to be great spaces for people to entertain and be entertained, the alternative is flats or a trendy wine bar (that will close within 6 months). If we let Le Pub die then it just sets a precedent for all other independent music venues to slowly fade away. I don’t know who would fill the gap left in our towns and cities by the closure of independent music venues, so I guess it is up to us to preserve this great place before it is too late.

Le Pub, keep doing it right!


struggling to find the artist who drew this to give them the credit they deserve. If it's you tweet me and I'll update ( @Mr_Ydir )

*I assume your stereo like mine is not as loud as your average pa system

Better Late Than Never

I should have posted this two weeks ago, and part of me thinks that the moment has passed and it is too late to say thanks and you’re doing it right, but then part of me knows that Dusty (site creator) wouldn’t agree with that kind of thinking and all of me would have to agree that Dusty is right.

Just over two weeks ago I went along to an event organised by  the Collect it was called Spoon Fed (mentioned in my last blog) and it was excellent.

You can read about the event and the propsols here and if you look carefully at the photos you might catch a rare glimpse of Mr Ydir, who did manage to stand up and say words for 3 minutes,  although I’m not sure I managed to put them into coherent sentences.

Now unusually for this blog I am able to give a enough notice for a forthcoming event, Spoon Fed 4 will be on 14th October, more details will be added on the Collect’s website in August but for now what you need to know is that it is in Bristol on 14th October, oh and it’s well worth going along.

I really can’t emphasis enough what a good idea the Spoon Fed events are, and in the absence of having influence on the British honour system I will have to say thank you to , the Collect, You’re Doing It Right!

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