Spoon Fed Number 3

Is a microfunding and networking event that is taking place 24th June 6pm in Bristol.

I would definitely recommend that you read more about the event by clicking here and if you are about why not go along, it’s a great idea with 8 projects pitching for some money to help their projects along the way.

The more observant of you will have noticed that one of the pitches looks a bit familiar, as I will be making my first official public appearance to ask people to support the ongoing YDIR project of saying well done to people doing a great job.

Mr Ydir


Just a quick update on a former YDIR winner. Alice Pyne who I mentioned here, was awarded a British Empire Medal (BEM) along with her sister Milly for their charity work.

Looking at my facebook likes and twitter followers I haven’t noticed any royalty amongst them, but I would assume her majesty would use a pseudonym anyway….. ego boosting day dreaming aside, it is worth mentioning again that top of Alice’s bucket list was to get everyone eligible to join a bone marrow register.

I was impressed by the way Anthony Nolan handled my registration, so that is a good a place as any to start, but handly Alice’s site has a link to bone marrow registers worldwide so I’ll borrow that an encourage you to click and join one

Mr Ydir

A Handstand A Day

One of my followers pointed me in the direction of today’s YDIR award winner, so thank you to Kat-Man-Scoop for this great find.

Handstands are something I have never been able to do but I have never felt I was missing out on anything, but now I have read about Julie Dumont who is doing 365 (+1) handstands to raise money for East African Playgrounds, I feel I should perhaps attempt at least one to show solidarity for her cause.

You can read about her fundraising effort on her just giving page http://www.justgiving.com/Julie-Dumont and follow her progress on her facebook page Handstands For East African Playgrounds (warning contains images of tummies!)

Julie Dumont, You’re Doing It Right!


Creative Youth Network

Hello it’s me again, apologies for the absence of blogs recently, it’s not from the lack of people doing it right, as I am still finding loads of people, from caterers to shop workers, one thing I really enjoy about this blog is how it opens my eyes to fantastic people who are doing their job really well or those who are actively making the world a better place.

Anyway, today’s YDIR winners are doing such a great job, I feel embarrassed that I haven’t mentioned them before. They are the team behind the Creative Youth Network in Bristol,  a youth organisation that can incredibly trace it’s roots back to  1748  (the year not 12 minutes to 6)

I have said before that I think people and organisations are  better at putting into words what they do, than any attempt I would make, plus I do really like using the quote tool, so here in a sentence is what the Creative Youth Network is all about.

The Creative Youth Network’s mission is to inspire every young person to do more than they ever thought possible.

How they are going about that mission is the really inspiring bit, and you should check out their site www.creativeyouthnetwork.org.uk

The work the are currently doing in opening an fantastic looking venue in the center of Bristol, will hopefully be a fantastic success and be an inspiring blueprint for other youth organisations across the world.

One page that you might like to read is the last blog of their CEO who writes openly about some of the difficulties they are coming across in making the new venue happen. I enjoyed it because I understood his point about always having to  ‘big up’ a particular project, when the reality isn’t always that positive. I also liked it because it feeds my Messiah Complex! lol

Joking aside I will be getting in touch with the Creative Youth Network to see if I can help as soon as I finish this blog and get a cup of tea.

Creative Youth Network

You're Doing It Right!