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Kind People Doing It Right

Posted: 7th May 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Life vest inside have been on my radar (twitter) for a while and I have been thinking about how to highlight their good work. I have re-tweeted the odd tweet and liked a few of their Facebook posts, and secretly (until now) I was  hoping they would pick up on my mild flirting and send me one of their snazzy life […]

For Luca

Posted: 1st May 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I had been thinking about this post for a while, basically getting hung up on not wanting to look like a bandwagon jumper and also worrying that some Internet campaigns create a race for likes or followers which reduce the message of caring to a simple mouse click or Re-Tweet,  so people get caught up […]