Princess Luna

Is the sleep keeper of the town of Papier, every night as the castle clock strikes bedtime she sprinkles sleepy dust out of her bedroom window sending everyone fast asleep until morning.

But today’s YDIR is not for Princess Luna (although she does a great job) it is for Elissa Elwick who wrote and illustrated the wonderful book The Princess and the Sleep Stealer.


I can’t recommend this book highly enough, Master Ydir (2 years old) has it read to him just about every night, he loves the pictures (especially the Bobwobs) and the story. I love the fact I can sprinkle sleepy dust on to him at the end of the story and that he then turns over and has sweet dreams. I also love being able to play and act out some of the words with the words and pretend to go to sleep whenever sleepy dust is mentioned.

This book has made bedtime a pleasure (well most of the time, sometimes toddler tantrums can be stronger than sleepy dust) so if you have a young child, or know someone who does then I would recommend this book as an ideal bedtime read. I have also recommended it to Cbeebies for their bedtime story show, I don’t even know if they accept suggestions but I thought it was worth a quick email.

Thank you for creating a wonderful bedtime story, Elissa Elwick, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

I want to Break Free (Foundation)

As you can see headline writers are urgently required at YDIR towers, but on with the much more important task of telling people who are doing it right exactly what we think of them (that they are fantastic!)

Today’s bad headline relates to the break free foundation who in their own words:

Are a project of Freedom To Change Community Interest Company (Number: 7791225) that has been set up to provide young people aged between 14-25 who are disabled, disengaged or deprived the opportunity to have experiences they might otherwise not have.

So far so good, but what exactly is this experience they hope to provide? Basically it is to take them out and teach them how to skipper a 40 foot yacht! Which sounds like a fantastic way to grab people’s attention/imagination and teach them transferable life skills. I mean it’s all very well listening to people drone on about the importance of teamwork, preparation and staying focused but on the safety of dry land it doesn’t quite have the same impact. When you are out on the water and the risks are all around you it magnifies the importance of those skills,  gives you a chance to show them off, and be proud of yourself.

The yacht was purchased by Karen Passmore who as well spending her life savings (around £30,000) has spent hundreds of hours refitting the boat to make it fit for purpose. Unfortunately there are a number of ongoing costs involved so from what I can gather the success of the project very much hangs in the balance. This has got me thinking what can I do to help….and that is exactly what I will go away and do.

Sailing hats off to,  Karen Passmore, You’re Doing It Right!

Record Store Day

So I learnt my lesson from yesterday and today’s post is in plenty of time and even better it should be happening near you (well UK & US)

Saturday 21st April 2012 is record store day. If you’ve not heard of this event it is where independent (indie) record stores arrange events and special releases to attract people in and remind you how great they are.


I do love music and have fond memories of the local indie store I used to goto when I was younger and had more time & money for music. The staff there shared a passion for music and were great examples of how people doing it right lead to repeat custom, I remember when I bought Kid A by radiohead and they told me, where to find a hidden booklet that was available in the early pressings of the album.

Anyway I think it’s worth checking out the record store site and your local indie shop to see what exclusives you can pick up, and hopefully meet some friendly staff that are doing it right.

Mr Ydir

P.S I hope to be getting the split release 7 inch featuring Caté Le Bon & Gruff Rhys, of course I will at some point need to buy a record player to listen to my collection of vinyl.

Expressions Festival of Creativity 2012

I must remember to be more organised so when events like this come up I can give people a bit more notice, umm right that is more of a note to myself rather than an introduction, but anyway.


Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd April, the milestones trust are holding a festival of creativity in Bristol, you can read and see a bit more about the festival by going to The festival has lots going on including a retrospective of their covert knitting group, Knitiffi’s work (knitted caravan, knitted boat) as well some examples of their current work which is knitting costumes for statues!

Now brilliantly sounding art projects are in themselves deserving a much sought after YDIR award but when you look a bit more into to the project you will find that the milestones trust is all about helping those with learning difficulties or mental health problems lead fulfilling and empowered lives, then there is no thinking twice about awarding them a YDIR.

All those involved in making the festival of creativity happen, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

Community Farm

I think a lot of my blogs have related to people who are making a difference, whether it is through charity work or doing community projects, which even if no one else has found intresting it has inspired me to start thinking about how I can make a difference.

Anyway on with today’s YDIR award and some more people who are doing it right and making a difference.

A few people at work had been talking about Grimsbury Farm which is a community farm which is sort of in the middle of a residential area, so a few weeks ago the future Mrs Ydir, Master Ydir and myself went along to have a look.

It was a really nice way to spend some time as a family, and I was able to see some of the hard work that the friends of Grimsbury Farm have put in to making a real working farm part of the local community. You can read a bit more about them at on their website

Friends of Grimsbury Farm, You’re Doing It Right!


Run, run as fast as you can..

..see if you can catch a gingerbread man.
And when you do send a postcard to Charlotte’s Gingerbread Challenge.

Charlotte Geraghty has in the past collected postcards of sightings of the gingerbread man and raised money for the cots for tots appeal and she is asking for help again and plans to make a book out of the collection of stories. If you go to you can read more about her story, see the details of where to send the post cards too and make a donation to the appeal.

I think it might be fun to invlove your children, nieces, nephews, scout/guide group basically anyone! If you don’t know any children why not get your book club, salsa group or pub quiz team involved? You might get a strange reaction but just have fun with it, I know that is what I am going to 🙂

Charlotte Geraghty and Charlotte’s mum Claire, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

Project YDIR

When I read and blog about all these fantastic people doing fantastic things that make the world better it makes me think that I should be doing more, and I should!

I want YDIR to be a force for good, somewhere that highlights good work and supports those who want to make a difference. Maybe something like a record label for good ideas, helping projects grow then helping them become independent.

Anyway watch this space and get in touch if you want to join project YDIR.

Mr Ydir


As well as worrying about jumping on bandwagons, I also worry about featuring large multi national organisations. I mean they pay PR companies plenty of money to convince us they are doing it right, and it could be easy to get sucked in by fancy PR splurge, so this post feels a bit awkward, although in this case I discovered the YDIR element before I found the marketing site, which to be fair is very well put together, and yes it is selling you a concept that is particular to fiat cars, but it is a very good concept.

I bought a new car, part of me would have liked to spend hours browsing and comparing stats like a real life game of top trumps but it reality it came down to two things, can we afford it? &  will it fit our needs? Once I got it home being incredible sad I poured over the instruction manual (it actually turned out to be mildly amusing, with patronizing comments such as SPEEOMETER fig.14 It shows the engine speed, and references to Oddment compartments.) and this is when I found about about eco: drive (or eco : )rive to use it’s cleaver logo/tag)

It seams that for a while Fiat have been putting in an eco: drive system to most of their new cars. You can visit their site where a nice animation explains what it is all about, but basically the eco: drive system allows you to download your driving data to a USB stick and then upload it to your computer so you can be given tips on how to drive more efficiently, saving you money (use less fuel) and reduce your CO2 emissions.

I won’t go on too much about it, as it basically boils down a lot of statistical data which I know most normal people have no interest in. What is interesting, is how it shows where you have acclerated or braked to harshly or spent too long in the wrong gear. The computer programe collects your data, averages it out and gives you an eco rating, then as mention tips on how to improve and save money.

This is great on an individual basis ( I could save around £40) but what I feel really earns Fiat an YDIR award is the fact they have made a decision to help drivers around the world drive more efficiently, and the stats show it works, with an average 6% reduction in fuel consumption by eco: drive users.

Fiat eco : )rive, You’re Doing It Right.

A Life Worth Living

Sometimes I worry about covering something that already has had national coverage, or has been able to generate a lot of publicity for it’s self. I worry partly because I feel that perhaps someone who hasn’t had as much publicity might benefit more and partly because I don’t want to look like a bandwagon jumper. If I make public pledge that I will never turn down a nomination, and that I will continue to follow past YDIR winners for a long as they continue to do things right, I think that might clear my consience enough to get on with the blog writting, and giving You’re Doing It Right awards to fantastic people all over the world.

Today’s YDIR is for someone who featured on a special report on channel 4 news. You can view the report by clicking here. I would urge to view the report as it does a much better job of explaining and showing what a fantastic person Jon Hastie is than I am about to attempt.

Jon Hastie has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD), if you have seen the film Inside I’m Dancing you might be familiar with the physically debilitating nature of the condition. however Jon has shown that a diagnosis of DMD does not mean your life automatically turns to a a battle for survival, you can still choose to live.

If you visit you can read a bit more about his achievements and a lot more about the reason for me awarding him a YDIR. He deiced to make a film to show other adults with DMD who are living productive, creative and fulfilling lives, and from the look of things that is eaxctly what he has done. From what I can gather from the site (which you should visit right after reading this) they are in the promotion and distrubtion stage now, hopefully it will make it to a local cinema near you as it does look like it will be a heart warming, inspiring experience. I will be watching twitter to find out when I’ll be able to get a chance to see it.

Jon Hastie, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir


Just 1 Percent

Today’s YDIR goes to Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews. Like many previous YDIR winners they spotted something they thought needed some attention and instead of just moaning about it, they went and out and gave it some attention.

I think it is quite hard to talk / write about the environment without sounding a bit too preachy or hippy like, and I’m not sure if that says more about my writings skills or the general cynicism of the modern day human being, still I’ll give it a go.

1% for the planet is Craig and Yvon’s idea to encourage more business’s to donate 1% of their profits to environmental groups, like all good ideas it is simple and the more you think about it the more it makes sense. They have a site that explains more about the idea and gives details of those taking part. It is worth looking at their history that shows how far they have come since forming the idea in 2001,  they now have more than 1,200 members in 38 countries.

So if you are running a successful business you might want to join their movement, and help keep the earth in business, which surely is in everyone’s interest. If you don’t yet run a successful business it is still worth having a look around their site to get inspiration, or merely to tell Yvon and Craig, that they are doing it right!

logo: 1% for the Planet

Trying to have pics as links

Mr Ydir

P.S you might of seen this elsewhere but if you haven’t go and read all about a fantastic person who dresses up as Batman and visits children who are in hospital. I really enjoyed this article: who is the the route 29 Batman but there are plenty of other articles out there.

Lenny B (as in Batman) Robinson, You’re Doing It Right!