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Princess Luna

Posted: 23rd April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Is the sleep keeper of the town of Papier, every night as the castle clock strikes bedtime she sprinkles sleepy dust out of her bedroom window sending everyone fast asleep until morning. But today’s YDIR is not for Princess Luna (although she does a great job) it is for Elissa Elwick who wrote and illustrated […]

I want to Break Free (Foundation)

Posted: 22nd April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

As you can see headline writers are urgently required at YDIR towers, but on with the much more important task of telling people who are doing it right exactly what we think of them (that they are fantastic!) Today’s bad headline relates to the break free foundation who in their own words: Are a project of Freedom To […]

Record Store Day

Posted: 18th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

So I learnt my lesson from yesterday and today’s post is in plenty of time and even better it should be happening near you (well UK & US) Saturday 21st April 2012 is record store day. If you’ve not heard of this event it is where independent (indie) record stores arrange events and special releases […]

Expressions Festival of Creativity 2012

Posted: 17th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I must remember to be more organised so when events like this come up I can give people a bit more notice, umm right that is more of a note to myself rather than an introduction, but anyway. Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd April, the milestones trust are holding a festival of creativity in Bristol, […]

Community Farm

Posted: 14th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I think a lot of my blogs have related to people who are making a difference, whether it is through charity work or doing community projects, which even if no one else has found intresting it has inspired me to start thinking about how I can make a difference. Anyway on with today’s YDIR award […]

Run, run as fast as you can..

Posted: 11th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

..see if you can catch a gingerbread man. And when you do send a postcard to Charlotte’s Gingerbread Challenge. Charlotte Geraghty has in the past collected postcards of sightings of the gingerbread man and raised money for the cots for tots appeal and she is asking for help again and plans to make a book […]

Project YDIR

Posted: 11th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

When I read and blog about all these fantastic people doing fantastic things that make the world better it makes me think that I should be doing more, and I should! I want YDIR to be a force for good, somewhere that highlights good work and supports those who want to make a difference. Maybe […]


Posted: 9th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

As well as worrying about jumping on bandwagons, I also worry about featuring large multi national organisations. I mean they pay PR companies plenty of money to convince us they are doing it right, and it could be easy to get sucked in by fancy PR splurge, so this post feels a bit awkward, although in […]

A Life Worth Living

Posted: 6th April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Sometimes I worry about covering something that already has had national coverage, or has been able to generate a lot of publicity for it’s self. I worry partly because I feel that perhaps someone who hasn’t had as much publicity might benefit more and partly because I don’t want to look like a bandwagon jumper. If I […]

Just 1 Percent

Posted: 3rd April 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Today’s YDIR goes to Yvon Chouinard and Craig Mathews. Like many previous YDIR winners they spotted something they thought needed some attention and instead of just moaning about it, they went and out and gave it some attention. I think it is quite hard to talk / write about the environment without sounding a bit too preachy or hippy like, and […]