Spitting can be right

Of course generally it isn’t a great idea, you know it might be necessary when you have a medical condition or if you are a professional footballer who seam to have an automatic reflex to spit when the tv camera focuses in on them, but it can be good thing, it could even save a life!

I am sure you are familiar with blood donation, you might even be a regular blood donor (well done, you’re doing it right) but you might not know about being a bone marrow donator. I didn’t know about it until a few months ago when it was publicised by Alice Pyne a 16 year old who is dying of cancer who as part of her bucket list, wished that everyone who is eligible joins a bone marrow register.

Im not sure how many bone marrow registers there are, and I’m sure they are all very good but I can only speak on my experience with the Anthony Nolan trust which has been excellent, their site and promotional bunf explains everything you need to know, I needed to speak to someone about my registration and again it all went very smoothly.

They are currently doing a bit of promotional stuff with Charlie Brooker who has been emailing and texting me to make sure my details are up to date. He is a bit rude about it but that is ok as it was his original, unlikely appeal video that made me go to the Anthony Nolan site and get registered, which is where the spitting I mentioned at the start comes in.

When you register they send you a tube to spit in, (it is a bit of clever tube so I think you are much better off registering and getting a tube from them, rather than randomly posting them your spit) so they can work out your bone marrow type and put you on the list, until such a time as your bone marrow is needed to save a life.

And to be honest it is not much more complicated than that, spit in a tube and potentially save a life, so before I end with the usual YDIR award, I would urge you to join a bone marrow register and encourage others to do the same.

Right so with the YDIR awarding: Alice Pyne for rasing awareness for a worthy cause, Charlie Brooker as his video finally made me actually register and Shirley Nolan who set up the Anthony Nolan charity in 1974. You all did a good job, thank you for making the world a bit of a better place to live.

Mr Ydir