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Spitting can be right

Posted: 29th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Of course generally it isn’t a great idea, you know it might be necessary when you have a medical condition or if you are a professional footballer who seam to have an automatic reflex to spit when the tv camera focuses in on them, but it can be good thing, it could even save a […]

Daily Blog to return 29/03/12

Posted: 27th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Please accept my apologies for the recent lack of YDIR awards. I hope you have still been giving them out in that strange world away from your LCD screen Normal service will resume from 29/03/12. As always feel free to get in touch if you would like to me to mention someone that you know […]

YDIR back in 5 minutes

Posted: 22nd March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Uncategorized

Well a bit longer than that, I am having a few personal issues at the moment so can’t give the proper amount of time to write about the fantastic people doing great jobs. I will be blogging again very soon so keep sending in your nominations for people who are doing it right. Mr Ydir […]

Little Disco Company

Posted: 18th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Breaking News: In an unprecedented turn of events, a recent YDIR winner has nominated someone else for an YDIR. I’m not sure if that information really requires the dramatic introduction, but I have to catch your attention somehow and thought today I’d try an over-dramatic approach. Anyway, Ellen Couzens who was awarded a YDIR for organising a toddler disco for […]

Grand Slam 2012

Posted: 17th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Just a quick blog today, just wanted to say well done to the Welsh rugby team who won the 6 nations tournament today. They won all five matches, which is given the term Grand Slam. If you have never lived in Wales you might not understand the passion and pride with which the Welsh follow […]

Yummy Mummies

Posted: 15th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I suppose having a large image at the start of a post means I don’t have to worry so much about an opening paragraph. Although I ‘m not sure I wanted the image quite so large, but it is smaller than what I started with. Anyway, worst opening paragraph ever over with, on with the […]

Love & Marriage Prepartion

Posted: 13th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I might have mentioned or you might have guessed from previous posts that I am getting married later this year, and the only reason I mentioned it because I am struggling to think of an introductory paragraph, but the wedding thing is relevant as today’s YDIR is a joint award for some people who run marriage preparation course. My friend and […]

Triple YDIR

Posted: 12th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Now this post comes from another one of readers, who accepted my not at all challenging. challenge to make sure those doing it right know that you (and the world in general) are pleased they deiced to make their bit of world a bit nicer. Now the title suggests they have done / are doing 3 things right, which is […]

Sweet Sleep

Posted: 10th March 2012 by admin in #YDIR Awards

If you are reading this, more than likely, you will lie you heads down on a pillow tonight in a comfortable bed.  There are certain things we all take for granted and a good night’s sleep is usually one of them. But the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of children that […]

Birthday Blog

Posted: 9th March 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to, is a terrible way to start a blog but once I had thought of it I couldn’t get in out of my head so I had to use it, but it is my birthday so you have to forgive me Today’s YDIR goes to the […]