Spitting can be right

Of course generally it isn’t a great idea, you know it might be necessary when you have a medical condition or if you are a professional footballer who seam to have an automatic reflex to spit when the tv camera focuses in on them, but it can be good thing, it could even save a life!

I am sure you are familiar with blood donation, you might even be a regular blood donor (well done, you’re doing it right) but you might not know about being a bone marrow donator. I didn’t know about it until a few months ago when it was publicised by Alice Pyne a 16 year old who is dying of cancer who as part of her bucket list, wished that everyone who is eligible joins a bone marrow register.

Im not sure how many bone marrow registers there are, and I’m sure they are all very good but I can only speak on my experience with the Anthony Nolan trust which has been excellent, their site and promotional bunf explains everything you need to know, I needed to speak to someone about my registration and again it all went very smoothly.

They are currently doing a bit of promotional stuff with Charlie Brooker who has been emailing and texting me to make sure my details are up to date. He is a bit rude about it but that is ok as it was his original, unlikely appeal video that made me go to the Anthony Nolan site and get registered, which is where the spitting I mentioned at the start comes in.

When you register they send you a tube to spit in, (it is a bit of clever tube so I think you are much better off registering and getting a tube from them, rather than randomly posting them your spit) so they can work out your bone marrow type and put you on the list, until such a time as your bone marrow is needed to save a life.

And to be honest it is not much more complicated than that, spit in a tube and potentially save a life, so before I end with the usual YDIR award, I would urge you to join a bone marrow register and encourage others to do the same.

Right so with the YDIR awarding: Alice Pyne for rasing awareness for a worthy cause, Charlie Brooker as his video finally made me actually register and Shirley Nolan who set up the Anthony Nolan charity in 1974. You all did a good job, thank you for making the world a bit of a better place to live.

Mr Ydir

Daily Blog to return 29/03/12

Please accept my apologies for the recent lack of YDIR awards. I hope you have still been giving them out in that strange world away from your LCD screen ūüôā

Normal service will resume from 29/03/12. As always feel free to get in touch if you would like to me to mention someone that you know has done it right.


Mr Ydir

YDIR back in 5 minutes

Well a bit longer than that, I am having a few personal issues at the moment so can’t give the proper amount of time to write about the fantastic people doing great jobs.

I will be blogging again very soon so keep sending in your nominations for people who are doing it right.

Mr Ydir


Little Disco Company

Breaking News: In an¬†unprecedented¬†turn of events, a recent YDIR winner has nominated someone else for an YDIR. I’m not sure if that information really requires the¬†dramatic¬†introduction, but I have to catch your attention somehow and thought today I’d try an over-dramatic¬†approach.

Anyway, Ellen Couzens who was awarded a YDIR for organising a toddler disco for Clic Sargent (if you follow me on¬†twitter¬†you’ll know they raised ¬£230) wanted to let Disco Steve know that he is doing it right.

Disco Steve kindly agreed to DJ and entertain the children (and their parents) free of charge, so all the money raised is going directly to Clic Sargent.

As a¬†special¬†bonus, I have an photo of Disco Steve taken at Saturday’s Toddler Disco, and if my ancient computer allows I might include a link to his site¬†which¬†can be accessed by clicking on the photo. I will also put a link¬†underneath¬†the photo, but I just try an make the most of the features the site has to offer.


Disco Steve @ the Clic Sargent Toddler Disco Nailsea

Hmmm I know the picture needs to be rotated, and I have told my computer to do that, but it is point blank refusing to. I know it might be a bit of a pain but if you could rotate your head when looking at the picture, it will save me a lot of trouble.

Right where was I, ah yes Disco Steve’s website is¬†www.thelittlediscocosouthwest.co.uk

Well donr for helping Ellen out:

Steve¬†Burley, You’re Doing It Right!

Grand Slam 2012

Just a quick blog today, just wanted to say well done to the Welsh rugby team who won the 6 nations tournament today. They won all five matches, which is given the term Grand Slam. If you have never lived in Wales you might not understand the passion and pride with which the Welsh follow the national rugby team, but if you head over to  www.walesonline.co.uk you might get an idea as currently the top news stories are:

Welsh Government to honour Wales Grand Slam winners in Monday ceremony

Wales v France: A Grand Slam win in pictures

Admiral to light up Cardiff City centre after Wales Grand Slam win

Rugby world pays tribute to legend Mervyn Davies

Mervyn Davies obituary: The great No 8 with the grace of a gazelle

and the top rugby stories (yep different section) are:

Wales 16-9 France: Wales celebrate Grand Slam win

Wales’ heroes win the Grand Slam against France: Player ratings

Barry John: Fantastic Wales give Mervyn Davies a send off he would have been proud of

Focus on Rugby: Wales can go on to greater things after Grand Slam triumph

Wales coach Warren Gatland hails hard work of Grand Slam stars

It made me smile the currently the only thing being reported in Wales is the grand slam, aliens could invade Cardiff right now and the headline would read “E.T joins Grand Slam party”

Mr Ydir

Yummy Mummies


Toddler Disco to raise Money for CLIC Sargent

I suppose having a large image at the start of a post means I don’t have to worry so much about an opening paragraph. Although I ‘m not sure I wanted the image quite so large, but it is smaller than what I started with.

Anyway, worst opening paragraph ever over with, on with the the YDIR*. You probably did know in the UK it’s Mother’s Day this Sunday (18th March 2012) but you might not know that in the week before¬†CLIC Sargent¬†have a¬†fundraising¬†event called Yummy Mummy Week. They encourage Mums to get together, have fun and¬†raise¬†money for children with cancer.

You can read more about Yummy Mummy Week on their site¬†www.yummymummy.org.uk¬†. Although every Yummy Mummy deserves a YDIR* today’s blog is about the person who has¬†organised the event whose poster welcomed you to today’s update.

My 2 year old son loves to dance, I love to watch him dance, ¬†so a¬†toddler¬†disco is a great idea. Now great ideas are one thing, following through with them and making them happen are something else. Which is why I am awarding today’s YDIR to the person who is¬†organizing¬†the Toddler Disco, a friend of mine and Yummy Mummy, Ellen Couzens, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

*if you are new to the site a YDIR is award given to someone who is doing it right, mostly given out by me, but you can and should give them out as well. They are an¬†acknowledgement¬†of someone doing a good job, it doesn’t have to be fundraisers or charity based, it can be work¬†colleagues¬†or checkout people. Tell them they are doing a good job and they (and you) will feel good. If you tell me about it, their name and good job will be put up for the world to see. There are fantastic people doing great things all over the world, and it is only right that they get a thank you. I would like to collect as many stories possible so feel free to get in touch ( mrydir@gmail.com ) or for mini mentions use the hashtag #YDIR to appear in our twitter feed.

Love & Marriage Prepartion

I might have mentioned or you might have guessed from previous posts that I am getting married later this year, and the only reason I mentioned it because I am struggling to think of an¬†introductory¬†paragraph, but the wedding thing is¬†relevant¬†as today’s YDIR is a joint award for some people who run marriage¬†preparation¬†course.

My friend and regular¬†contributor David is also getting married later this year and he recently attended a marriage¬†preparation¬†course. Now I don’t know what you think of when you see the words marriage¬†preparation¬†course, but for me it conjures up an image of an old person lecturing on what you should and shouldn’t do if you want to live happily ever after.

However I am open minded and quite prepared to admit that I am wrong. According to David, the marriage prep course he attend was nothing like that. The hosts Dave and Ali Boddy, were extremely welcoming, putting in a lot of of effort to make the couples feel at ease, and clearly put a lot of time and effort into delivering the course.

Still being a bit cynical about the whole thing, I was keen to know how much they charged for this course, and I was shocked, there was no charge at all! It is provided free of charge to all couples who are getting married at Holy Trinity Church in Nailsea. Dave and Ali give up their spare time to provide an interesting and useful course, to help couples prepare for the challenges that can happen in any long term relationship.

Nice people, doing nice things that make the world a bit of a nicer place to be, it’s what this site is all about.

Dave and Ali Boddy, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

Triple YDIR

Now this post comes from another one of readers, who accepted my not at all challenging. challenge to make sure those doing it right know that you (and the world in general) are pleased they deiced to make their bit of world a bit nicer.

Now the title suggests they have done / are doing 3 things right, which is true but only of 2012! It turns out that this fantastic person has been doing it right on a yearly basis for quite some time.

He often runs for charity, hosts charity football matches and helps his employer arrange charity events. This year he is raising money for Together For Short Lives and Breast Cancer Campaign, by doing three challenges . The first took place on Sunday was half a marathon, the second is sky dive due for 21st April followed by taking part in the Great Manchester Run on 20th May.

His fundraising page can be found by clicking here, which tells you a bit more about the challenges and the some of the sacrifices he has had to make. There is also a picture of him, which I thought about copying for this site, but then had a flashback to work and consent/ data protection issues and thought against it.

Right one last¬†thing,¬†is to put this fantastic person name in lights, Robbie Newton, You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

P.S that¬†rhyme came out nowhere, it’s cheesy but I’m going to stick with it.

Sweet Sleep

If you are reading this, more than likely, you will lie you heads down on a pillow tonight in a comfortable bed.¬† There are certain things we all take for granted and a good night’s sleep is usually one of them.

But the fact of the matter is that there are thousands of children that go to sleep every night without a bed, not to mention a pillow to lay their heads on.  One organization that is working to make sure all children have a proper bed to sleep on is Sweet Sleep.

According to their website:

Sweet Sleep is a faith-based nonprofit organization which provides beds to the world’s orphaned and abandoned children, demonstrating God’s love for them and improving their quality of life.

Sweet Sleep’s vision is for every orphaned child in the world to lie down in their own bed reminding them they are loved, protected and cared for with hope for the future through Jesus Christ.

This is definitely an organization to get behind.  Thanks to Ken Coleman for pointing out such a fantastic organization!

Thank you Sweet Sleep for all that you do.  You are definitely doing it right!

Birthday Blog

It’s my birthday and I’ll blog if I want to, is a terrible way to start a blog but once I had thought of it I couldn’t get in out of my head so I had to use it, but it is my birthday so you have to forgive me ūüôā

Today’s YDIR goes to the future Mrs Ydir, she has made sure I have had a lovely day, she baked me a cake, her gifts were thoughtful and made me happy. Plus as Master Ydir is only 2 years old I am pretty sure she had something to do with this:
It arrived in the post this morning and you can’t really tell from the picture but its is a biscuit card! I’ve not eaten yet but if it¬†tastes¬†half as good as it looks, then I am in for a treat.

Future Mrs Ydir, You’re doing It Right!