Funding for creative projects

Now I am sure if I went into my bank and asked for some money, to grow and develop a project in which I write a blog telling people (or films, or companies or websites or just about anything) that they are doing it right, I would at best get some nice leaflets and at worst be escorted from the premises by men in white coats.

The way I came across today’s YDIR winner is a bit convoluted,  and perhaps unnecessarily long winded ( I to like find out a bit more about the person or company and what they have done to be deserving of an YDIR to ensure they really deserve it, and that I would feel comfortable shaking their hand) so I won’t go into that story and just get on with the job in hand.

Today’s YDIR goes to if you follow the Internet a bit better than me you might already be familiar with the concept of crowd funding, but I only discovered it today. Kickstarter are the world’s largest platform for funding creative projects, I am sure there is bit more too it but basically you tell them your idea and how much you want to raise, they put it on their site and you wait for the donations to roll in!

Once you hit your target (within the specified timescale) you can then use the money to bring your project to life. It’s a win, win, win, win situation. You win as your project gets it’s funding, your donators win as they get some sort of experience or mention, Kickstarter wins as they take a cut of the donations (fair enough, without them you might not have gained any donations) and the wider community wins as I’m sure your project was designed as good thing, otherwise you wouldn’t have got enough donations from strangers.

Now it does seam that at the moment it is only US based projects that can apply to feature on the site, but hopefully that will change soon enough and I can quit my current job and devote more time to making the world a better place., You’re Doing It Right!

Mr Ydir

P.S I received an e-mail from Vania Apps who I mentioned a few post ago (Barrier Free Playgrounds, what a good idea!) which I thought I would share with you to show the positive affect a simple YDIR can have.

Dear Mr. Ydir,
Thank you so very much for your kind attention to the Fraser First Booster Club,Inc. As president it means so much to me to let the club members know what a great job they are doing. This is a big undertaking and It mean lots of hours of work from the members. With everyone lives being so busy I know your blog will be a great pat on the back to all of us at the Fraser First Booster Club. Thank you again.

  • Vince Calabrese

    Mr. Ydir, I too am a member of the Fraser First Booster Club (one of 3 founding members) and really appreciate your kind comments and encouragement, that we are doing this "the right way" and for the "right reasons and people". Please continue to stay in involved in our getting this park in the ground. Fraser and Macomb County, Michigan, as well as more than 26,000 special needs children in our area will benefit from our hard work and dedication. Smiles are our reward…Help us- Help them…everyone!