The Moldova Project

Now the reason I started this blog was to make the world a better place, and perhaps on a tiny level I have. But although blogging about fantastic people doing a great job does mean that people rightly get acknowledged, and it might raise a few smiles it isn’t much compared to today’s worthy winners of a YDIR

Emma & Lucy Watson (yes they have a brother called Mark who was mentioned yesterday and a few days before that as well on Facebook, but he was one of my inspirations for this blog, and his blog is one of the few sties I manage to read on a daily basis (work, family, making the world a better place, restrict my internet browsing) so I hope you don’t mind him being referenced again, but even if you do mind when you see why, I’m sure you will forgive me) deiced one day to help vulnerable people in Moldova 

They have set up The Moldova Project charitable trust, and it is just brilliant. You can go to their site ( to find out more about the work they have done and the work they are planning to do. I would  like to draw your attention to the Volunteers Wanted for Building Project in August!  page, as the heading suggests they are looking for volunteers to help a building project From 15th – 25th August 2012, best go to that page for more details. It sounds like a fantastic opportunity to make a big difference to the village of Bobeica, a much better way of making the world a better place than simply writing a silly blog!

In defense of my silly blog, I would like to say that I do want this site and blog to not only give nods to those doing a good job, but to also actively encourage and support projects like this. I would also like to try and make this a bit of a team effort, so by reading this blog you have unknowingly consented to providing with 1 idea per month to help make the world a better place #icantholdyoutothis .

Just the sign off left now,

Lucy & Emma Waston, You’re Doing It Right

Mr Ydir