Loo(ny) idea ?

I never though I’d blog about toilets, but then again I never thought I’d blog at all!

Today’s YDIR goes to who ever came up with the idea of asking businesses to open their toilets the public.

Blaenau Gwent council came up with the idea to improve the availability of public conveniences, so there will be 35 local business that will have a community toilet sticker. I’m not saying if there was enough demand I visit them all to add to the gallery of YDIRs in action, but if some who reads this blog wants to provide pics I will happily upload them.

Tomorrow’s blog is reliant on me telling someone face to face that they are doing it right, which being British is an extremely hard thing to do, but they are doing the right thing so I need to make sure they know it.

Mr Ydir

  • Dusty

    Great job, MR. YDIR! Keep up the good work! And good luck tomorrow in your face to face YDIR.