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Involving cupcakes so it has to be right!

Posted: 30th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I was pointed in the direction of this person via one of You’re Doing It Right’s Facebook friends. ( If you want to be our friend simply like our page, and Facebook will keep you up to date with everything that you’re doing it right does. I am on there as well but not really […]

Double YDIR

Posted: 29th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Firstly please accept my apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, it had been a long and tiring week, and my plans were further scuppered when my sons nappy was unable to hold what could only be described a poo tsunami. Thankfully he is back to his normal happy, smiling, cheeky self. Anyway to make up for yesterday […]

Pub + Theatre =

Posted: 27th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Now this sounds interesting, theatre in a pub. I think Hannah Nicklin deserves a YDIR for seeing a problem and doing something about it. I love your attitude, and award you a YDIR for coming up with a great idea and following it up (the difficult part). Here is a quote taken from her website […]

Scout Leaders: YDIR

Posted: 26th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Today I would like to give a YDIR to all the volunteers that making scouting happen for young people all over the world. With such an old institution (over 100 years old!) there is a lot of stigma and baggage, half truths and rumours that tend to stick in people minds, all I know is […]

An Introduction

Posted: 25th January 2012 by admin in #YDIR, #YDIR Awards

This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced to Mr. YDIR.  Mr. YDIR contacted me a couple of months ago expressing his desire to make this world a better place.  And I think we can all agree that he is certainly on the right track. And the […]

YDIR @ Work

Posted: 24th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Yesterday I mentioned that I intended to give a face to face YDIR. I think it is best not to say too much,  so as not to run the risk of breaking my place of work’s media policy, but it went well. As I mentioned yesterday being British made this simple act an actual challenge! […]

Loo(ny) idea ?

Posted: 23rd January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I never though I’d blog about toilets, but then again I never thought I’d blog at all! Today’s YDIR goes to who ever came up with the idea of asking businesses to open their toilets the public. Blaenau Gwent council came up with the idea to improve the availability of public conveniences, so there will […]

Musical YDIR

Posted: 22nd January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Right I am not 100% sure about this blog post, as I don’t know if I want to give a YDIR to someone who is already in the public eye, but then on the other hand just because you are not an unknown, doesn’t mean you should be excluded from some telling you have done […]

Saw some Firefighters Climb Mount Everest (sort of)

Posted: 21st January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

I had a completely different idea for today’s blog, but whilst I was out and about I stumbled across some people doing it right. So I took out my phone and made some mental notes, so I could give their good deed a wider auidence. What I found was a group of fire and recuse […]

Unnamed Charity Cyclists

Posted: 20th January 2012 by Mr. YDIR in Daily YDIR

Hello again, Today’s post is dedicated to an unnamed member of the West of England MS Therapy Center.   I’m sure you have at vague awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and if you are reading this you have access to the internet so you can find out just about everything you would like to know about […]