Involving cupcakes so it has to be right!

I was pointed in the direction of this person via one of You’re Doing It Right’s Facebook friends. ( If you want to be our friend simply like our page, and Facebook will keep you up to date with everything that you’re doing it right does. I am on there as well but not really doing much with my page, but I will happily add you as a friend as long as you are not spam, right i think it is poor use of English to have more writing in brackets than outside of the brackets, so I’ll get back to the main article )

So as I was saying today’s YDIR goes to Vittoria Rimola, she decided to challenge herself to bake 1,000 cupcakes in order to raise £1,000 for Kidney Research UK. Not having a commercial kitchen with plenty of room to bake and store that many cupcakes in one go she started on 24th October and plans to finish by 24th Febuary,  looking roughly at my calendar I reckon that means making (and selling hopefully) 8.1 cupcakes a day!

If YDIR towers wasn’t just a figment of my imagination, I would defiantly put in a big order, as the only thing that tastes better than homemade cupcakes is homemade charity cupcakes.

You can read a bit more about her challenge and see how much she has rasied so far on her fundraising page:

Vittoria Rimola, You’re Doing It Right! Oh and I have been told not to forget  Giles Armstrong her diligent boyfriend who is on washing up duty. Well done Giles, you are also doing it right.

Mr Ydir


Double YDIR

Firstly please accept my apologies for the lack of blog yesterday, it had been a long and tiring week, and my plans were further scuppered when my sons nappy was unable to hold what could only be described a poo tsunami. Thankfully he is back to his normal happy, smiling, cheeky self.

Anyway to make up for yesterday I have two YDIRs to give today both of which come via my friend David.

David like me (and probably you,  especially if you are British) is new to this concept of telling someone they are doing it right, so names are sadly lacking, but perhaps through the power of the internet we can make sure the YDIRs get  to the right people.

The first YDIR is for the staff at San Carlo restaurant in Bristol. Yes it is top quality restaurant so you would expect top quality service, but David and his wife to be were thoroughly impressed by the warm, friendly welcome. The staff were attentive without being intrusive and the food was excellent, the future Mrs David was still talking and thinking about how wonderful the vegetables were the next day.

Today’s second YDIR is for The Rummer Hotel a great little bar and restaurant in Bristol just round the corner from San Carlo’s.  It is very cozy especially with their open fire taking the chill off a cold January night.

They (David and soon to be Mrs David) only popped in for post meal drink or two, but the comfy sofas, a brilliant waiter and excellent cocktails meant that two drinks turned to three, four, more ?

Now this is where I try to harness the power of the internet to find the name of that brilliant waiter to ensure he receives his well earnt YDIR.  has a blog with small picture of El Jefe, who sort of looks like the guy who served David, but not quite. David offered to draw a picture but as his artistic skills are putting it politely, limited I declined and hope that the fact we know he was working at the rummer hotel on 28/01/2012, and was doing his job really well, might be enough to identify him. If you know him point him in the direction of this site and the I did it right section, so he can claim his YDIR and if he wants have his name in LCD lights across potentially every computer in the world.

To avoid a Spartacus style clamber for names to put in LCD lights, David and the future Mrs David were mostly drinking a cocktail that was not the menu, so if you can name that cocktail it must have been you that was doing it right!

Look out for a new YDIR tomorrow.


P.S Don’t forget if someone you know or meet is doing a great job, let them know and let me know so we can make sure that those who do it right are awarded a YDIR


Pub + Theatre =

Now this sounds interesting, theatre in a pub.

I think Hannah Nicklin deserves a YDIR for seeing a problem and doing something about it. I love your attitude, and award you a YDIR for coming up with a great idea and following it up (the difficult part).

Here is a quote taken from her website

“I realised that I’d been complaining about the lack of innovative programming in Leicester’s theatres, but doing nothing about it”

So she came up with the idea of putting on a small scale storytelling performance in a pub. The first ever performance in a pub event is 2nd February (that is soon!) at the Crumblin’ Cookie pub in Leicester. has all the details and more about the concept, so head over there for the full details, and if you are in Leicester on Thursday 2nd Feb, it’s got to be worth a look.

Best of luck with your project, Hannah Nicklin, You’re Doing It Right !

Scout Leaders: YDIR

Today I would like to give a YDIR to all the volunteers that making scouting happen for young people all over the world.

With such an old institution (over 100 years old!) there is a lot of stigma and baggage, half truths and rumours that tend to stick in people minds, all I know is that every single day there are people giving up their spare time to pass their knowledge and skills onto the next generation. I would urge you to find out a bit more about what really happens in a modern Scout Group, is a pretty good place to start, it is about the UK scout association, but they do a great a job of showcasing what modern scouting is all about. There is of course a fair bit of PR shine applied, but they might be able to point you in the direction of your local group so you can see for yourself all the amazing hard work people who volunteer for scouting do.

Scout, Cub & Beaver leaders, yore doing it right!

An Introduction

This is a long overdue post, but I wanted to make sure everyone was properly introduced to Mr. YDIR.  Mr. YDIR contacted me a couple of months ago expressing his desire to make this world a better place.  And I think we can all agree that he is certainly on the right track.

And the good new is that YDIR is now international!  That’s right, Mr. YDIR currently resides in the United Kingdom.  (And yes, I am a stupid American.  But I did watch C.P. Grey’s video on The Difference Between U.K., Great Britian, and England.  Very informative, but I still don’t know the exact location of Mr. YDIR.)

I received a note from Annelies Puddy (Frog Jog, see previous post) today thanking Mr YDIR for the mention.  Well, Mrs. Puddy, once again, we salute you.  Keep up the great work.  We are all proud of what you are doing.  You will always have a permanent “YDIR” here at

And, Mr. YDIR, you’re good at giving them out, so I hope you can take one, too.  You sir, are doing it right!

YDIR @ Work

Yesterday I mentioned that I intended to give a face to face YDIR.
I think it is best not to say too much,  so as not to run the risk of breaking my place of work’s media policy, but it went well. As I mentioned yesterday being British made this simple act an actual challenge!
She was talking to another colleague with another one sat beside her, but I resisted the urge to bail and managed to get my point across, sharing mutual mumbles and nods. I am pretty sure she felt better about herself so job done 🙂

Just before I go there was something else that caught my eye today.
There is a jogging frog raising money for the Giant Puppet Project, Siem Reap in Cambodia!

Now on further inception of her blog, it seams it is an actual female human being dressed as a frog, which is a slight disappointment, until you see her costume! There are only two days of jogging left, which isn’t a lot of notice to cancel all plans and head to Bristol to see a woman dressed as frog jogging during rush hour, but is is plenty of time to visit her site and find out a bit more about what prompts a realtivly sane looking woman to  jog dressed as a frog.

Annelies Puddy, you’re  doing it right!

Loo(ny) idea ?

I never though I’d blog about toilets, but then again I never thought I’d blog at all!

Today’s YDIR goes to who ever came up with the idea of asking businesses to open their toilets the public.

Blaenau Gwent council came up with the idea to improve the availability of public conveniences, so there will be 35 local business that will have a community toilet sticker. I’m not saying if there was enough demand I visit them all to add to the gallery of YDIRs in action, but if some who reads this blog wants to provide pics I will happily upload them.

Tomorrow’s blog is reliant on me telling someone face to face that they are doing it right, which being British is an extremely hard thing to do, but they are doing the right thing so I need to make sure they know it.

Mr Ydir

Musical YDIR

Right I am not 100% sure about this blog post, as I don’t know if I want to give a YDIR to someone who is already in the public eye, but then on the other hand just because you are not an unknown, doesn’t mean you should be excluded from some telling you have done a good job.

The link below is for a song which has to an extent inspired me to write this blog, plus the singer is one of my heroes.

Gruff Rhys: Whale Trail

The video is probably like nothing you have ever seen before, I wouldn’t get too hung up on trying to understand it, just accept and enjoy the madness. The lyric that I found most inspiring and fitting with what I would like the YDIR community to be kicks in at 1.54  ” We can create so much together, we could get to Mars and back  for snacks and video games, this is a motivational song, so lets get along, don’t take so long, take over”

Mr Rhys’ genius is well documented on the rest of the web, so I’ll just end by saying thank you Gruff for making wonderful songs that make the world a better place and keep doing it right.

Mr Ydir

Saw some Firefighters Climb Mount Everest (sort of)

I had a completely different idea for today’s blog, but whilst I was out and about I stumbled across some people doing it right.

So I took out my phone and made some mental notes, so I could give their good deed a wider auidence.

What I found was a group of fire and recuse workers climbing a ladder 1,340 times to raise money for the firefighters charity and wooden spoon (which i thibk i need to find out more about, as from the small poster they had up they do sound very interesting)

Now the signifgance of the 1,340 steos, was to make it the equivlnet to the height of Mount Everest, and well the signifgance of the ladder is I assume becuase they are all fire and recuse workers.  I suppose if I was to do an equilvent challenge it would invlove 10,000 shuttle runs between the printer and tea piont.

I am going to try and add some of the aforementioned footage I captured using my phone to the end of this post but I’ve never tried this before so it might wrong. (sorry Dusty if I break your site).

As well as those  going up the ladder, I don’t won’t to forget all those people who helped make it happen, so well done to all your guys too and keep doing it right!


Mr Ydir

First time I have posted a pic so I am more worried about getting it to display than coming up with a clever caption





Unnamed Charity Cyclists

Hello again,

Today’s post is dedicated to an unnamed member of the West of England MS Therapy Center.
I’m sure you have at vague awareness of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and if you are reading this you have access to the internet so you can find out just about everything you would like to know about this condtion in a few clicks (what an age we live in!) so I won’t talk about that.

Today the West of England MS Therapy Center ( WOEMSTC ?) announced one of their members and her father are planning to cycle from Land Ends to John O’Groats to raise money for the center.

Whilst UK readers may be familiar with this cycle route, for those who don’t know this cycle route is the length of Britain and over 800 miles long!

In order to raise awareness and money, their are holding a fundraising event at The King’s Head in Pill (village in North Somerset) on Saturday 3rd March 4-9pm. You can read the full press release on their Facebook page here

So unnamed cyclists I will be keeping an eye on your progress and don’t forget You’re Doing it Right!

Mr Ydir


P.S I have a bit of a soft spot for charity events, and In my other spare time I like to plan and help where possible, so if you have a charity story you want me to write about please get in touch. If you want some ideas and support with your charity event, I will certianly have a go at helping you out with that as well.