YDIR Submission

Hey everyone!  Yeah, I can’t believe it either.  Two posts in the same week.  This is another quick post about a person that is Doing It Right.  In case you are unaware, you can submit YDIRs right here on the site.  Click on the “Contact Us” or the “I Did It Right” link in the side navigation panel.  Both links will present you with a form that allows you to send in submissions.  Today we get one about Suzanne Salmon, General Manager of Courtyard by Marriott in Tampa.  The guest writes:

Suzanne Salmon, General Manager, Courtyard by Marriott – Tampa North is awesome! My family and I were greeted with a personal email from her arriving and departing! She gave my family extra points because the pool hours were posted in our room incorrectly. She served the customer and did a great job doing it!   Way to go Suzanne Salmon!  I posted this for Suzanne because I wanted others to know she did it right!

Thank you,
Sandra Sadler

See. Doesn’t take anything at all to recognize someone. Now get out there and do it!

Oh, and on a related YDIR note, the servers at the Chili’s in Searcy, AR are the best in town. I can say that with 100% certainty since I feel like I have frequented every restaurant in town. I even told the manager last night that they were doing and excellent job. She said, “We like hearing those kind of comments.” To which I replied, “Good, because I like giving compliments.” Once again, not that hard to tell someone they are doing a great job.

Also we still have some YDIR cards if you want some!

Great Service

Quick YDIR!

Celebrated 12 years with my wife yesterday with dinner at Cantina Loredo in Little Rock, AR.  Our server, Cody was excellent.  Left a YDIR card and spoke to the manager about how great of a job Cody was doing.  The manager suggested contacting corporate through their website.  I sent them a note via the customer contact form, praising the actions of our server.  They responded by thanking me and said that I could take that email to the LR Cantina Loredo for a free Top Shelf Guacamole.  I told them thanks, but felt weird for being rewarded for complimenting their server.  They are really Doing It Right!  #YDIR

Cantina Lorado in Little Rock, AR is doing it right. Shout out to Cody, a great server and the staff at that restaurant. It made a great 12 year anniversary dinner with my wife even better. #YDIR