Done Right

Over on the Facebook page today, Nicole S. tells of her experience being on the receiving end of a YDIR.

Just thought I would be a testament to what it feels like to be on the receiving end of a “You’re Doing It Right” conversation. I work at an apartment complex in Oklahoma City that got severely damaged from a hail storm yesterday. Over 200 windows were busted out making our property look like a war zone. After arriving at work this morning, I began to check the dozens of messages from angry residents wondering when we were going to fix their windows and everything else. Amidst all the chaos of the ringing phones and angry messages, one woman left a message just to say thank you. She said she understood how difficult it must be for us right now and she appreciates all our hard work. It was so nice, made me wanna cry! Took my monday morning blues right away!

I know I haven’t posted at the blog in a while, but this made me stop and take notice. This is an example of a YDIR coming back to a person. There are so many times when we feel like we are the only ones handing out the YDIRs and nothing is coming in for us. Then times like this happen and make it all worth while.

So, everyone, go out there and show others how much you appreciate them. Even my wife has embraced the YDIR mentality and that was something that I thought was wild. Not because she is mean or anything (love ya, hon), but because it was a different way of thinking for her. She has now gone out of her way to let someone know they are doing a great job. Even taking time to tell managers about standout individuals. She is amazing and is due her own YDIR. So, Amy, here it is. You’re Doing It Right!

Also, if you want some of the awesome YDIR cards, we still have some available, free of charge. No hidden shipping costs or anything. Just let me know you want some and we’ll send them to you.  The picture at the top of the post is the front of the card.  The picture to the left is the back of the card.  Get’em now while supplies last.  And then see how fast you can give them away!