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Good Afternoon!

Posted: 30th April 2010 by admin in #YDIR, YDIR Project

Hey everyone! Not a lot to report today. Sorry I haven’t written in a while. It’s been pretty crazy here at work. There are a lot of people doing it right out there. If you haven’t yet, go check out the Facebook page. Please continue to check back frequently. Also, you may notice on the […]

What a Week!

Posted: 19th April 2010 by admin in #YDIR, #YDIR Awards, Air1

Last week was a pretty exciting week for the You’re Doing It Right community. I was driving to work on Wednesday thinking about the site and what we could do to get the word out more and really just banging my head up against a wall. Well, I sat down at my desk, fired up […]

IHOP … Doin’ It Right

Posted: 13th April 2010 by admin in #YDIR, #YDIR Awards

Went to IHOP on Sunday for breakfast and our waitress, Lendy, was excellent.  She interatced with our daughters like they were customers too, and didn’t just talk to the adults.  She always had a smile and did a great job.  I even noticed that when a couple sat down beside us, she recognized them from […]

Update and Idea

Posted: 9th April 2010 by admin in #YDIR, YDIR Project

Hey everyone!  Hope you had an outstanding week!  There are some great posts over on the Facebook page.  I want to encourage everyone to go out this weekend and find someone and let them know they are doing a great job.  Then come back and tell us about it. Okay, came up with an idea […]

#YDIR 4/5/2010

Posted: 5th April 2010 by admin in #YDIR, Guest Post

Good Afternoon Everyone!  I hope all is well and that everyone had a wonderful Easter weekend.  Well, we had some great YDIRs on the Facebook page this weekend, so let’s get at it with another medal ceremony: I went to Home Depot today and not only did the employee help me with something that I […]

#YDIR 4/2/2010

Posted: 2nd April 2010 by admin in #YDIR Awards

Good afternoon everyone!  Time for another medal ceremony.  Here are a few things that people have been doing right: Here’s a salute to the teachers at Westside Elementary. They are teaching, loving, protecting, and challenging our children to do right. Thank you. – Rebecca M. via Facebook I took my girls to the park this […]